Max Pashm

team-maxMax Pashm
  • Booking, Music Production & Event Management

  • Artist, DJ and Producer

  • Pioneer in fusion of traditional tunes with dance & electronic music

  • Brighton, England

  • English, Hebrew and Greek

Max Pashm first rose to fame in 1997 as one of the early pioneers of dance & electronic world fusion music. He was signed to Sony Music in 1997 and the single 'Queen of Sikim' taken from his debut  album, was a worldwide hit and reached the top of the charts in many European countries.

The 'Max Pashm' sound is a unique blend of Electro Swing, Balkan Beats, Klezmer  and Gypsy Electronica with blistering club beats. A daring and perfect marriage fusing the old traditions with the new and cutting edge sounds of today and the future.

Max's live shows are infamous, combining his uplifting live percussion, vocal and keyboards with his beat mixing and general showmanship and sense of humor and fun on stage. His DJ sets are equally energizing and unique, spining mixes that no one has heard before, as well as his own tunes and classic tracks by other artists. Max continues to tour both as a renowned DJ and performer in Europe, USA, Canada and Mexico and is now expanding into Asia.